Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stitch Fix #1

I love fall! The weather gets cooler. Football season means snuggling on the couch on Saturday afternoons. God paints pictures with the trees and warmer comfort foods are in order.
But every fall I feel this sinking feeling about clothes. The cheap jeans from last year are either worn out or don't fit right, all my cute summer dresses have to be put away, and any day that requires real clothing means trying things on and getting frustrated. And there is this small problem of having five children with me all the time so going shopping and having lots of time to try on clothes is rare and unusual.
So when I heard about Stitch Fix, I thought "GENIUS," and decided to give it a try.
Here are the facts:

*You go to Stitch Fix and let them know all about you as you sign in.
*You let them know when you would like a personal stylist to pick out five items and send them to you. (Just when you choose, monthly, or every three months--however you want to set it up). You're not locked in to anything; you can change it or cancel it any time.
*When you get your box, you are charged $20. If you decide to keep anything from the box, that $20 goes towards your clothing purchase.
*If you choose to keep all five items, you get a 25% discount.
*If anyone else uses your code to get a Stitch Fix box, $25 goes into your account for later clothes purchases.

As you get more boxes and comment on your clothing, your stylist gets to know you better and theoretically your boxes will become more and more suited to you.

So how did my first box go? It was really great. I asked for basics, so there was nothing really super exciting, but I am very pleased. I ended up keeping the black pants and the dress. The jeans were low-rise and just didn't fit right at the top, and the shirts were great, but not worth full price. If the jeans had fit right, I would have kept it all. I spent around $100 for a pair of pants and a dress, which is WAY more than I would shopping on my own--I'm very much a sale rack shopper. That may be why I don't have many clothes that I love or that last. I'm hoping that putting a few quality pieces in my wardrobe through Stitch Fix will make a big difference!
(Forgive the pictures--my closet is still very much in process.)

I have been waiting for a great pair of black pants to make this combo work! One great thing about Stitch Fix is being able to try the clothes on with shoes and clothes from your own closet!

Dress styled with belt, scarf and boots

Dress with my blue jean jacket--I see cute tennis shoes with this in the future.

Black shirt, black pants and comfy heels.

Above outfit with my leather jacket

I have scheduled my next fix for my birthday (next month), and I'm excited to see how it turns out!!
If you're interested, go over to Stitch Fix and see what it's all about!