Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's I bought about ten sheets of decorative paper from Hobby Lobby ($.10/each) and a pack of card stock cards. Last Thursday I let the kids go to town with cutting and pasting and gluing. It was crazy, but I think they came up with some great Valentines. On Saturday, we went visiting to spread the love--taking gifts and cookies and Valentines to several friends.

Of course we had to be fortified for our Valentines visiting, so we had heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.

And then, instead of going out for dinner, we did a fancy dinner in. The hubby grilled steak (which we never have because the price nearly makes me faint) and I made rose potatoes.
These were definitely a bit more difficult than the picture I found on pinterest led me to believe. There wasn't really a "recipe" just a few instructions. These instructions included slicing the potatoes thinly, soaking them in butter and then laying them out on the counter overlapping before rolling them up into a rose shape. 
Well, next time I will slice them thinner and soak them longer, but I still don't think that they'll just roll up--they required toothpicks to hold them together.
After pinning them in rose formation, I baked them for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. They were yummy and oh, so pretty. Especially since I got red potatoes and left the skins on.

Fancy kids' meals

We here at the Of Such is the Kingdom household hope you had a 

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