Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We're Going to Unschool A Bit

I'm looking forward to these next two weeks because we're going to put away explorers and states and even some of our math and make way for other learning.
I'm going to let the two oldest choose 2 subjects (one for each week) to study, analyze, experiment with, read about and investigate. Then on each Friday, we will have presentation. They'll need something done, something written or drawn and something said or sung for each topic.
I'm so looking forward to them picking topics and studying them.
The little kids are going to work together, and they've already picked weather for their first topic--they've already decided we're going to make snowflakes, spray rain and try to make thunder and lightening as well.
Here are my list of suggested topics, though the oldest boy thought of one on his own--the history of sports. The oldest girl also went off on her own to pick two topics about horses: 1. What to buy for a horse and how to take care of a horse. and 2. The anatomy and health of a horse. Pretty cool! Many of these projects come from the list of standards for our state and my kiddos' grades.

Cells--what are they, what do they do and why should we care?

Weather--identify different types, investigate our weather, create a chart

What is light?

What is sound?

What are the basic needs of plants and animals?

What places would we visit on a family trip to the west? What route would we take? Which features are geographical? Which are man-made?

Continents, oceans, examples of major landforms (mountains, deserts, valleys, plains, plateaus, and coasts).

Explain "My Country Tis of Thee" song. 

What is a producer? What is a consumer?

If you had to live for one week on your own with $100, how would you spend it?

What is the Bill of Rights? What is the Constitution? How do you make amendments?

Create a new product and a commercial for that product. What makes people buy a certain product?

What is health for your gender, age and weight? What should children do to be healthy?

Pick a person to study and share.

Pick an occupation to investigate and share.

Pick a painting or painter to study and explain. Paint something inspired by that painting or painter.

Pick a major historical event to study and share: westward expansion, civil war, WWI, WWII, etc.

I'll be posting lots of pics and updates on their projects!

Happy Schooling!

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