Thursday, September 25, 2014


With five children home all day every day (yes, we do go out, I'm just exaggerating for effect), we eat A LOT of snacks.  And I do mean A LOT!
The budget has been suffering and I've been having to get a little more creative. Plus that nagging little feeling that I shouldn't be giving them junk food 24-7. So, here's what I've come up with:
It's nothing all that new or impressive, but this is the one thing that works. I can't have bags of pretzels and say, "Have at them!" I can't even trust myself to divvy out snacks in appropriate proportions. I need careful planning. I need foresight. 
{And I can't afford pre-packaged snacks.}
I need baggies.
These 2 inch by 3 inch baggies have revolutionized our snacking.
The portion size is a bit smaller, but there is no wasted space, so the kids feel like they're getting more. (score.) And they work for everything! (again, exaggeration for effect)
This is what's in our snack bin right now--clockwise: almonds, edamame, pumpkin seeds, m & ms, craisins, pretzels.
When I make popcorn bags, I use the sandwich-sized bags.
These snacks are great for the morning schooling break, the after-the-rest-time snack and to grab for snacks on the go. They are a perfect addition to a sandwich or wrap for a lunch to go as well.
And, thankfully, the cost per bag is pennies when you purchase the items in bulk.

small crackers (like goldfish)
dry cereal
beef jerky
animal crackers
any dried fruit
mixed-up snack (mix any of the above to make a trail mix bag)
homemade granola bars
homemade cookies
chocolate chips
rice crispy treats (like these)

And I know you've seen those cute little snack caddies for the fridge on pinterest. Those are great for:
meat sticks
any cut fruit
colored pepper slices
boiled eggs
grape tomatoes

How do you manage the snack attacks in your house?

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