Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pray for Your Husband


We all know we should... We all mean to, but how many of us actually do?
Kaylene over at Faithful Feat took the time to write these prayers for her husband down, and I am so glad she did!
I printed all her prayers out and have them in my prayer journal. I've been praying one a morning for the hubby and they are really great--very scriptural and her insights on what to pray for are quite thought-provoking.
Here are her topics to cover your husband Biblically in prayer:
5. His Faith 
10. His Heart
11. His Hearing 
12. His Eyes
13. His Feet 
17. His Love
18. His Joy
19. His Peace
27. His Honesty 
29. His Trust
39. His Past
Blessings on your prayers for your husbands!

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  1. OH!!! Bless your sweet heart, Olivia! I am humbled and honored that you not only shared, but also PRINTED & PRAY these over your dear husband. He is a blessed man! And you, a wife to be praised. Thank you for your heart for your marriage. Blessings!