Saturday, July 19, 2014

Deceptively Delicious: Summer Reading Series

Several weeks ago I blogged arecipe for pancakes that our family enjoys often. I suggested adding 1/4 cup cooked and blended beets to the pancakes for added nutrition (that you really can't taste!). I wish I could claim this idea as my own, but it's not. It came from a great book by Jessica Seinfeld calledDeceptively Delicious.
In this book, the famous Seinfeld's wife explains how to cook different vegetables in order to add them to all different kinds of food. She gives lots of great recipes in her book (including brownies with spinach and carrots) but the basic principle can be used with anything--from my home-made pancakes to a box mix of macaroni and cheese. Cook the vegetable, blend it up, and add a little bit of it to whatever you're cooking. I used this method to create my own baby food, and while my little one was eating blended food, the other members of my family (sometimes unbeknownst to them) ate it too!
My favorite easy added vegetable is cauliflower. It doesn't have all that much taste, and it's super easy to buy, wash, steam, and puree. According to Jessica Seinfeld it "is another member of the important cruciferous family of veggies that may help our bodies fight off certain types of cancers. [And it] may help kids resist infections (it's a good source of vitamin C)."
Of course our kids need to learn to eat veggies, but this book gives some good tips on adding MORE veggies in unexpected places. Check it out!

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