Thursday, July 24, 2014

Abridge or Unabridge? Summer Reading Series

When I was teaching middle school in the public school system, I got irritated at the very mention of "abridged." I was frustrated that anyone would cut to pieces wonderful novels that were friends to whom I wanted to introduce my students.
Recently I've had a change of heart. My daughter has been reading her way through this stack of abridged novels and loving every word. She is meeting my friends early and in a way that she can understand, and I'm very thankful! We read through most of them together in the past few years, but the excitement and pride in her face when she finishes another novel--a Little Women or an Anne of Green Gables--is definitely worth what these inexpensive abridged novels cost. (This particular set were from Hobby Lobby--$2 a piece.) I think it was my mom who said that abridged novels are a good thing when they introduce one to the book at an early age, so that when my daughter picks up the unabridged Little Women or Anne of Green Gables a little bit later in life, she'll see them as old and cherished friends.

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