Monday, June 30, 2014

June Food

Somehow I think that summer dinners should just cook themselves. I somehow manage to forget each and every summer that I still have to prepare food.
So, in trying not to stress the food thing, and maybe in honor of the "vacation" part of summer, I really do slack off on the major cooking in these months.
Here are some ideas to make summer cooking EASY!

Main courses:
Pasta Salads! like this Lemon Basil Spring Pasta Salad and this
Southwest Pasta Salad and this
Mediterranean Chicken Pasta Salad
plus anything else I can boil noodles and throw some canned beans and fresh veggies into.

Grilled anything!
Grilled chicken with salad
Grilled hamburgers with buns
Grilled pork with grilled potatoes

Grilled chicken and pineapple kabobs with rice
Shrimp salad (salad shrimp, leftover rice, mayo, and green olives--don't knock it til you try it!)
Quiche--It's a great summer meal and I I usually make something very simple like this one from

And then there's the crockpot meat that you throw in in the morning and forget about all day--
Crockpot meals
Pork and potatoes
whole chicken with barbecue sauce
Summer Vegetable Tian--I made this a few months ago and it was GOOD, so I'll be trying it out again as soon as I make it to the vegetable stand
Hot Caprese Dip: Oh! My! Word! This looks sooo good! I think we may actually have this as a fondue meal some night--veggies and crackers and chips to dip into this gooey, yummy, cheese.
Chocolate Zucchini Bread--It has zucchini therefore I declare it a side! I know, I know, it looks and tastes like a dessert!

If you missed the end result of the Garden Party Extraordinaire, please check it out!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Five Art Projects

Thanks to an art class at a local homeschool tutorial, the big kids had some great art projects this past year!
Here are a few ideas that you could easily incorporate into summer fun or homeschool art classes:
Use natural found objects from outside to create something beautiful. Snap a pic because it probably won't stay!

Sketch some of the sculptures or become a sculpture yourself!

This was the big kids' end of term assignment and they had a lot of fun 
visualizing their project beforehand, 
making a supply list,
gathering supplies,
creating the individual pieces,
and putting the whole project together.

The big kids' art teacher gave them the word "Resonate" to draw. This was the boys' interpretation of the word.

Use bits of paper to create a masterpiece

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reading Response Page

I'm beginning to put the pieces together for next year's schooling. There are going to be quite a few balls in the air for me, but mainly it's going to look like this:

Memory Work: Booklet of apostle’s creed, catechism Q & A, scripture, American history quotes

Daily Sheet: States and Capitals (just states for younger two), math Qs, date, time, 

Biology: follow along with what the older two are doing at their tutorial

American History--Indians through Westward Expansion

Art Appreciation:

Music, Art, Dance, Poetry, Museum Field Trip (Choose two a week)

Saxon 6/5 Math
Tutorial Homework
Extra Writing Assignments (1 Essay per week)

Saxon 1 Math
Leveled reading work
Handwriting practice

And because all of them will be reading a lot of "outside" books and I want to be able to keep up with what they are reading, we will be using this reading response page I just made up:
for the younger two

for the older two
I'll have to basically fill it out for the new boy, but by the end of the year, he should be doing a lot of the writing on his own. 
(The oldest will be leading the littlest through "Pre-K" lessons that she comes up with her own.)

So it's beginning to come together, and as always, I'll be excited to see how it works out in actuality!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Fun Ideas

A few ideas for the moms among us...
try a bike ride
(exercise + entertainment = yay!)
have a used books and lemonade stand

Whatever you do this summer, don't forget natural bodies of water!
the ocean
a creek
(add in a hike and picnic and you have a whole day of fun!)

a waterfall

 or a lake

and though not a natural body of water, the sprinkler can be just as entertaining!

(check in next week for some summer art ideas courtesy of the kids' spring art class!)