Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fairy Birthday

You might have noticed that I like to play with the youngest girl's parties.
There was 

Well, today's party was just as fun. We had a fairy picnic party underneath our Magnolia tree.
Hooray for parties!

I love the work of Cicely Mary Barker. Her fairies and flowers are quintessential beauty.
So I ordered some cupcake liners and some fairy cupcake toppers and bought the birthday girl a copy of the above book.
And for the cake?
They are fairy cakes, of course!
Evidently, in England, fairy cakes are eaten at birthday parties--not cupcakes. A fairy cake is very like a cupcake, only made with a little bit lighter cake--(halfway in between moist cake and muffin)--and with less icing than we Americans tend to use. I put a little more than the average fairy cake amount of icing, but I think they turned out very yummy!

These are Fairy Bread sandwiches courtesy of the Australian custom of putting sprinkles on butter on bread so that the fairies will come and share a story. Yay! I cut a small flower out of the top piece of bread of each peanut butter or cream cheese sandwich and then put sprinkles on the cutout. 

Our setting was a large Magnolia tree in our side yard.

Blankets, hanging lanterns and poufs and the girls' bed hangings made the decorations very fairy-like.
Add a string of white lights and a pile of presents from the grandparents and you have an amazing party!

The girls made their own flower fairy head wreaths using the silk flowers I took apart before the party (thanks to those who helped with that!)
Taking apart a silk flower leaves a flat silk flower with a hole in the middle, so that works perfectly for stringing on green pipe cleaners. We spread the flowers all over one of the blankets so that girls could gather around and be creative!

Pretty much the prettiest fairy you've ever seen, right?!
Her dress is from 
Over the Loom, an amazing online shop for vintagey-style girls' clothes with very reasonable prices. She loved the dress, and I love the quality and the price!

Thanks to all who made the littlest girl's birthday a wonderful, fairy success!

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