Friday, April 4, 2014

A Beautiful Woman #2 Skin Care

Before I talk about my skin care routine, I'm going to start right off with the best advice I have for any kind of taking care of oneself.
Know yourself.
This is more important than just making the font a little larger can explain. Know your emotions, know your triggers for what brings up past issues, know your hair, your skin, your allergies, your needs for sleep and food. Know yourself. It even applies to theology. Calvin himself said in his institutes that knowing oneself is important for being able to know God. We need to know and understand our own sin to be able to understand God's grace. 
And that word "know" is really kind of inappropriate because this knowledge is not ever going to be done. You're never going to wake up one day and say, "I've arrived! I finally know everything about myself and I've got it ALL figured out!" We were made by an eternal God and our depths are unfathomable, even to ourselves. It is more about working to know ourselves. And even the little things you figure out will be so important. 
So I will share a few things I've figured out about my own skin. This may be helpful to exactly no one, but it at least might get you thinking about your own habits and care of yourself.
First off, another quick divergence from skin care (though it affects your skin too)! This is another GREAT bit of advice that I always share with anyone who will listen. If you are feeling off (emotionally, physically, whatever!), take some Tylenol/Ibuprofen, drink a tall glass of water and take a nap. Pain killer, water, nap. There you have it. The cure for much of what ails us as women.
Next up for the pic above are my fave lotion--unscented Eucerin Soothing Repair Lotion. I've tried a lot of lotions, and this one seems to be the one that actually soaks in and repairs. I use coconut oil for the dark skinned ones in our house, and I love that too, but most of the time, I'm too busy to deal with the greasiness--so Eucerin it is.
And my favorite lip balm. Blistex Lip Medex is the best ever. It has a strong smell (useful when you're congested) and tingles a little bit on chapped lips, but this stuff works! It's the only lip balm I've ever put on the night before and woken up still feeling on my lips the next morning.

So, about that knowing your own skin thing, it's took me a while to figure this out, but I have sensitive skin. This should have been very obvious to me at an early age, but alas, I am slow to pick up my own body's messages. So, I offer you the gentlest shave gel that's out there: Skintimate Skin Therapy. I thought for a while that it was the Skintimate brand that was so great, but then I tried one of their smellier products when Walgreens was out of this one. It was supposed to smell like raspberries and make shaving fun, but no. It didn't. It smelled a little like hair dye and it was a lot rougher on my skin. So use this one and your legs will thank you. : )
For my razor I use the Schick Quatro for Women. I really haven't shopped around a lot on this one because I bought it and liked it a long time ago and have stuck with it. The razor lasts a long time, but the blades are relatively expensive. When I remember what cheap razors did to my legs,  I know it's worth it.

And again, for my face: I have sensitive skin. I have had bad break-outs in my lifetime and babying my skin helps to relieve that. (As does RELAXING and AVOIDING STRESS--one of the other major pieces of advice I have on being a beautiful woman.)
I use Clean and Clear Essentials for Sensitive Skin and then some kind of Dual Treatment Moisturizer afterwards. I have only recently realized how much better my face feels when I baby it this way. I was treating all that acne with strong cleansers until I borrowed my daughter's facial cleanser while we were in Uganda. My skin thanked me and so I quickly bought some of what my daughter had been using. And here we are. I never stop learning!

And then there's makeup. I really would love to not wear makeup at all, and I since my face cleared up a little, I have been going days with no makeup at all. I wear makeup because there is definitely an unfinished (or maybe tired?) look to my face without it. And I have blonde eyelashes. There is that.
So my makeup routine is very simple and very neutral and very understated and you can see above that it is also relatively inexpensive.
I begin with Cover Girl Clean Sensitive Skin Liquid Makeup and then use Cover Girl Concealer stick if there are any red spots or dark circles under my eyes. Then I add
Cover Girl True Blend Powder. I use a simple eye liner in dark great to go around my eyes and then a little eye shadow. (Go to pinterest for pointers on this--there are excellent tips there!) I hate thick, clumpy mascara so I have finally found one that doesnt: Maybeline Define a Lash Mascara.

And there you have it. Simple, but I feel like my real advice on this front is the basic know yourself and rest and relax. There will be MUCH more on this latter advice to come.

As always, tips and comments are welcome and appreciated!

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