Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Boys' Birth Village Africa #9

On the morning after we got back from our short safari to Murchison Falls, the hubby and the biological kids left to fly home on our original return flights. We did not have visas for the boys yet, so I stayed with them to finish that up. We went to the U.S. Embassy that day hoping to hear that our paperwork was all wrapped up and that the visas would be ready as early as Wednesday. Instead, we heard that because of computer problems there at the embassy, they had no idea when we would be able to go home. This was a blow and probably the lowest point in my journey. But we were reminded just the day before by a dear older and wiser man of the faith to "Count it all joy!" and that line just kept running through my head. How could I count it all joy if I was stranded in Uganda for who knows how long without my hubby and three of my kids?
I really can't answer that question for you, but I can say that God sent so many things to comfort my heart in the next few days: the sweet boys crying for their daddy and their siblings, friends at the guest house sharing their snacks and time and sodas and flashlights and love with us, and then finally the embassy calling to unexpectedly say, "Come today! It's Wednesday and it's all worked out!" And we were promised our visas at 4pm on Thursday. Hooray!
So Thursday morning we rose early to head out to the boys' birth village. After that we went to the embassy for the visas, the guest house for dinner and our one small bag and then off to the airport for a crazy flight home through London. 
I am most blessed among women.
Here is the hospital where the boys were born. Not many of the villagers are born in a hospital, so this is a unique part of their story.

This is the church where the boys' father preached before he passed away.

And the little brick building on the left is where the boys' lived with their birthmother and father for the first few years of their lives.

This is the boys' grandmother's house. Seven people live in this four room mud building.

This is their kitchen and cow.

I was blessed beyond belief by visiting the boys' birth village. To stand and pray with their birth family members is a memory among my most precious.  We hope to go back and visit some day and share with their birth family how continually blessed we are by their sacrifice and love.

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