Sunday, March 9, 2014


You might be asking yourself: is this mom still schooling her kids?
And yes, the answer is yes. It's a little crazier with five than it was with three, but we're still learning around here and here's what it looks like:
After breakfast, sending the hubby and the youngest girl off to work and kindergarten tutorial, clothing the little boys and getting them busy with some learning play in their room, the two oldest come to the school table for daily sheets.
They pull out their notebooks and find something like this on the white boards:
*They copy down the date and our day's schedule. 
*They copy our daily verse (we're working through a set of verses I chose about love--God's love for us, our love for Him and our love for each other)
*They copy and fill in the blanks a sentence from our household pledge.
*And they copy and correct a grammar sentence that is usually taken from the previous day's history lesson.
Our household pledge developed because I heard that my niece had a kindergarten classroom pledge. I liked it and determined that our school needed one too. And that would also make it a pledge for our house and family as well. I borrowed from my niece's classroom pledge and from the Message's 1 Corinthians 13. Here is ours:
"In this house I pledge to love in every way. I will always use kind words. I will not complain or argue. I will not brag. I will remember Jesus, his death on the cross for me and his rising again. I will obey right away, all the way and with a good attitude. I will try hard. I will not give up! I will be patient with everyone, including myself. I will not get angry quickly. I will be thankful for what I have. I will always look for the happy side. I will turn to God with fears and questions. I will look for ways to serve and encourage others. I will hug and kiss my family members regularly. I will say yes as often as I can."
This is laminated and rests on the shelf beside our school table for easy access while we are learning. And yes, it is wrinkled because it was fought over one morning as the two were trying to use it to fill in the blanks for their daily sheet. We're a work in progress here!
In history we have been covering the reformation. I have loved being able to talk through the ups and downs of this time with the kids. This time has often turned into more of a Bible lesson and that is perfectly fine.
Our math is Saxon 5/4 and has been great for the kids. I love the fact that they get plenty of review with every lesson.
Their science, grammar, creative writing, literature, art and choir is all homework from the tutorial they attend all day Monday. I love the way that we have a very manageable amount to cover daily.
While we're schooling, there is always a lot of back and forth with the little boys, with the youngest girl on Wednesdays when she is home all day and with whatever else is going on in our crazy house. (This week we had a new dishwasher installed, the family room ceiling painted, raffia everywhere from where I was making brooms for a ballet clinic and various other craziness.) But we usually manage to get at least to their independent work before it's lunch time ---11:30 and then time to run get the youngest girl from her tutorial---12.
So there you have it.
Happy Schooling!

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