Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow Days

We've had two good snows in the past month.
The first (above) was just an inch and the temps were below zero, so the kids couldn't stay out in it long, but this past week's snow was about 7 inches and the temps were just around freezing. Perfect snow-playing weather!
I know that when you get snow all the time, a big snow can be a bit of a problem, but when snows are rare, snows are good.

There's a golf course near our house where everyone gathers to sled after a snow. This was our first time to go sledding there and it was FUN! and BEAUTIFUL! The little boys loved their first time sledding and the middle boy couldn't have been happier than when he was speeding down the mountain! He cried when it was time to come home. The little one liked going down well enough, but walking back up that hill was just not happenin.' He would use his cute face to beg a ride off some soft-hearted adult who was pulling a sled up, or get daddy to carry him back up. He can really turn on the pitiful when he wants!

I sledded a little, but mostly I just manned the top of the slopes and enjoyed the views.

Happy Winter!

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