Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Orphanage (Africa Part #6)

I wish I could somehow portray visiting an orphanage in a third-world country, but ask anyone who's ever done it, and I'm sure they'll say it's far beyond words. 
I wish I could show you the face of every orphan. 
I wish I could tell every one of their stories. 
The older ones who have watched their siblings find families and have rejoiced for them,
who have begun to take on more chores at the orphanage,
who will probably leave the orphanage not having a family.
The youngest little one,
a precious little gift,
who will not even try to talk
and who hardly ever smiles.
The boys who pick on the younger ones,
the girls who leave others out.
The ones who pass their food over to the one who is most malnourished,
and go hungry themselves.
There is good and hurt and pain and joy and perseverance and hope.
And I guess what most impressed me was how very, very small the world of these orphans is until they are adopted.
A few small hallway-like rooms with bunks,
a medium-sized common room,
a small patio 
and a sloping yard.
That's pretty much it,

except for the view. And what a view!

The ones who are old enough are taught there, and the younger ones are loved as well as 40 children can be loved by 4 nannies.
And they wait. For a home, for a purpose, for a

It was good to see where our boys spent their time in between their Ugandan family and their American family. It was good to meet their friends. To have faces to put with names.
I am glad we visited the orphanage, and oh, I am so glad that we could leave the orphanage.
That may sound terrible, but I was glad to leave with our five children.
We pray that each of the children left behind finds a family
and we pray for the day, the heavenly day when orphanages are no longer necessary.

P.S. This orphanage is undergoing some pretty major updating and finishing and construction and is in desperate need of funds. If you or anyone you know might be interested, just let me know. I can give you much more info.

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