Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Entebbe Zoo (Africa, Part #4)

If you're headed to Uganda, I recommend a visit to the zoo in Entebbe. The first thing you need to know about the zoo, though, is that the monkeys run wild and free.
And they like little girls' suckers
(or any other food you might have on hand). 

See that skinny little boy in his daddy's arms? He's gained about ten pound since then. It's hard to believe he was that small just 12 weeks ago.




The kids were super mad (and still bitter about it) that I would not let them touch the Rhino. He was literally right up against this gate.

This is the "Elder Tree," the largest and oldest tree in the zoo.
The view of Lake Victoria from the zoo

Baboon--we'll get a closer and more personal look at this animal later, when one of them hops on our bus and steals our sandwiches right in front of our oldest son!


The Crested Crane (the Ugandan national bird), Buffalo, and wharthogs

another view of Lake Victoria from the zoo restaurant


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