Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Boys' Room

(A little intermission from the trip to Africa)
When we thought we'd be adopting one baby, the plan was to use the baby/guest room for the baby, obviously. When God showed us our two little boys, the plan had to change. We decided to give the girls the guest room (pics to come) and put the two new boys in with the older boy. 
It's worked out great. The only tricky part is nap time, which I've finally figured out: if I put the littlest in my bedroom, the other two boys can have the boy room for resting and playing. 
As you can see below, we've finally taken the plunge and separated out the legos by color. I love these thin drawers from Target (see the bottom of all those plastic drawers). That's two sets of $12 drawers and a couple of Lego dividers, $7 for two. (Thanks for the Christmas gift cards for the kids, Aunt Beth!) The top two big drawers are matchbox cars and Hero Factory. Below that you have white legos, black/grey legos, red, orange-brown-yellow, green, blue and then tiny pieces in the dividers.
The beds have linens from Ikea (thanks, Granna for the great Christmas presents!)

and personalized pillows made by Granna

These little tables are the inexpensive and very useful LACK side tables. I need to find some cute way to link them together so they straight, but I really have enjoyed having them in the boys' room.
Under the tables we have large buckets for Duplo blocks, Matchbox village and train set.

The beds are a hand made bunk bed (thanks to the hubby's uncle for passing that one down!) and a loft bed put in by Granna for the oldest's birthday about three years back. The oldest boy is now in the loft and the two new boys in the bunk bed.
I especially love the little "under the loft" area. This is where the boys' clothes are--a little dressing room. And because Granna included shelves under the bed, it's a great little display area for the little boys' books and toys. The little bench (with storage inside) was made by...you guessed it...Granna and stores our diapers.
We turned to Ikea again for clothes storage--The Expedit shelves are perfect for kids' clothes.

The lego creations, once built, either end up on the LACK tables or up in the oldest boy's loft--shelves at the end of his bed keep his creations close (and away from little hands).

So there you have it: three boys and all their toys in a little room. I'm happy with the way it turned out! How do you organize your little ones and their things?

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  1. Olivia,

    Catching up on your blog today. What a creative and inspiring space you have made for your boys. You incorporated all of their age-leveled needs so well. Thankful for where God has led you!