Sunday, December 15, 2013

We're Home

We went to Africa. And it was amazing and hard and beautiful. And we are home.
I have so much to share; so many whirl-wind days of traveling into Kampala--so many surprises, heart breaks, and challenges. So many beautiful moments.
But for now, just a message that we heard at church before we went away.

You know, as a child of God, that you are adopted. But have you ever thought of the pain and intense work that your Father and Savior put into that adoption?

With our family's adoption, there was paperwork, money, sacrifice, fund-raisers, letters, traveling, time away from home, meetings with those who opposed our mission, prayer (oh, the prayer!), tears, laughter, pain, sleepless nights, more money, more paperwork (I filled out one set of on-line forms 5 times!), more tears, more travel and more laughter!

And I know this with all my heart: our Father and our Savior put far more into the adoption of their children than we have into the adoption of ours.

Be blessed this Christmas, and know that you were adopted at great price and through great struggle to a Forever Family!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I'm really enjoying your posts. What an experience that must have been for your family. :)