Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Nina and the Pinta

We "unschooled" at the Nina and the Pinta on Thursday. This was a light week for us, and having my kids be able to walk through history like that was completely priceless!  They probably learned more in the hour we spent touring Columbus's ships than they did when we studied Columbus and his era for an entire semester last year!

The Nina is an exact replica of the original. This replica was made in the exact same way as the original as well--the boards were finished with steaming and pine tar, there were no power tools made in its creation, and it was made by original descendants of the original ship builders. 

Can you imagine being on this tiny ship with 120 other passengers? On one of Columbus's journeys, when the Nina was the only ship to survive a huge storm, he picked up 120 survivors and headed back to Spain!

The Pinta

The Nina

If you're interested in seeing these ships yourself, check out their cruise schedule HERE.

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