Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Backpack (and so the time has come!)

We are finally going to get our boys. 
There are really no words to say how excited we are.
Our God is an awesome God!
Since I really have no words for the feelings, I'll share something practical:
the backpacks for the plane

The oldest is nearly done with the fifth Harry Potter book (and that's as far as I let her go...she can read the last two in a few years), so I got her a new book for the flight.
This was a book that came with our Books by the Foot box.

empty water bottle to fill up at a fountain before we get on the plane or ask for a stewardess to fill as soon as we get on a plane.

This is the boy's set of books--though he is reading Harry Potter too, so he'll have that for his main reading material.

The youngest has a few books in her bag that are really for her sister or brother to read to her. 
And a coloring/activity book
And each kiddo has their favorite songs on their own little iPod (thanks Grandma).

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