Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Praise Him in the Hallway (and visiting a fall farm)

I feel a bit like a racer, all squared up on my block and waiting for the gun to sound.
Wait for it...
Wait for it..
Wait for it...
I'm talking about a court date here, in case you're new to the loop. Any day now we should find out when we are expected in Uganda to pick up our two boys. Bags are partially packed, all paper work is in order, shots are scheduled for day after tomorrow. When that date comes, we will just need to buy tickets and go. At this point, we will probably receive the date three weeks or less before we leave. (Another family received theirs 8 days before they were supposed to be there!)

But still, the racer image is just not a good one for me to have in my head. 
No one gets ready for a race and then says, "Oh, well, since we're waiting, let me go finish some of those pre-race chores I didn't quite get to." 
I saw a  quote a few days, that is a much better image for me to keep in mind.
Until God opens a door,
I will praise Him in the hallway.
Those are such simple words, but the image is really a great one. In many ways, our family is in a hallway right now. We could feel stifled and beat on doors. We could be bored to tears.
Or we could use our time to praise Him.
Praise Him with all our might.
So, when the opportunity came to drive a couple of hours south to make my dad's birthday a little happier, I took it. 
And praise the Lord! It was a great!
Our hallway is a really, really nice hallway.
fishing from Grandad's dock

Visiting a farm

hay bail maze

the petting zoo at the farm had this beautiful pheasant

that's the creek that the hay ride took us through
You should have seen the boy's face light up when he figured out that we were going to pass right through the water. : )
Praise our wonderful, awesome God!

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