Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Girls' Room

Since we made our decision last week and are proceeding toward Africa and adopting two little boys, the shape of our family life has changed into a "get ready" mode. My thoughts are in a complete whirl of preparations. One of the things that we need to change before we bring these boys home is the sleeping situation. 
So on Monday I put the full guest bed on craigslist and almost immediately sold it.
Yay! The guest/baby room will become the girls' room. I think that at the beginning, the girls may be sleeping on blow up mattresses on the floor, but for Christmas, these things (minus the castle, which we already have) will be on their list. If we were to go out and buy everything on this list today, the room redo would still only cost about $700! And that's with two each of A, B, C, D, and E!

(only for the month of August after that it'll be $149.00)

Approximate Total for the Pink and Black and White Room for 1 Girl: 
For my two girls:

*I already have some extra brand new IKEA white curtains on which  I'm hoping to stencil (?) flowers. They'll probably also need another window layer to keep out light. The current curtain rods in their room are black (perfect) and have a spot for a smaller rod to go behind the curtain. I'd love to find a simple black curtain to go behind airy white ones to give help them sleep in during the summer. : )

The girls will need a few other things like a bedside table and floor lamps, but those can all come as they can. I'm excited to be decorating a girls' room again, can you tell?
Happy decorating!

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