Saturday, August 10, 2013

School Lunches

You might think that since we homeschool, packing lunches is unnecessary. And you might be right, except that when the cook is also the teacher, lunch seems to get later and later in the day as we try to learn just a bit more before we stop to prep lunch.
Pack lunches for home school.
So beginning next week, I'll be joining the ranks of moms around the world packing lunches at breakfast time. When we're ready to eat, we'll just pull out our lunch boxes and dig in.
(As always, my plans are theoretical and highly unlikely to work all the time. Just sayin')
And what should we pack in those boxes? Well in case you hadn't noticed, the world wide web is overflowing with ingenious ideas on this subject as well.
These are all from the talented Lisa Storms.
What I've learned from Lisa:
1. Cuteness factor does matter.
2. Healthy can be fun.
3. Cupcake toppers have duller points than toothpicks and make great skewers for little people.
Oddly enough, these lunches are from another Lisa over at 100 Days of Real Food.
From this Lisa I learned:
1. Apples can be used to make sandwiches instead of bread.
2. Leftovers can make great lunches.
3. Sometimes simple is great! (boiled eggs, why didn't I think of that!)
And now a few from various websites:
From top to bottom:
(we love anything in a tortilla, remember)

And then there are my own home made kids' meals:
first published here and here

There are all kinds of ideas at this website for school lunches as well.
1. Different kinds of noodle dishes can be made the night before.
2. Soups in thermoses make great lunch 
(for us home schoolers, just keeping the soup warm on the stove would work.)
3. There are ALL KINDS of sandwiches to make for school lunches.
One last idea that's pretty much everywhere over our dear old internet is that a school lunch is the perfect place to say "I love you" with a little tiny gift or a note--this would hold true even for us. For this I could make up a stash of different little cards saying "I love you" in many ways:
Happy Lunch-Making!

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