Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Interactive Notebooks

This year's homeschooling is going to be quite different from last year's--this year I'm going to have lots of help!
The big kids are going to a wonderful homeschool tutorial one day a week where they will get excellent instruction in:
Science (with labs)
Art and
They will be there from 9am-4pm on Mondays.
At home, I will add Saxon 5/4 Math, History, Spanish and Spelling. Their tutorial will send home lots of work for the subjects they are taking there, so we will leave lots of time in our homeschool schedule to handle the home work from there.
The youngest is going to same tutorial that the other two went to for kindergarten. She will have the same teacher as they did. : ) She'll be there Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8-12. This will give the big kids and me some good table learning time on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Wednesdays we will learn together in some fashion--at the table, on field trips, etc. And then the oldest will have her horseback riding lesson in the early afternoon.
I am trying to keep the schedule simple because we will (Lord willing!) be heading to Uganda as a family in October and we will try to keep up with as much as we can while we're there, but I am making no promises to myself about what will happen at home when we get back with two new children.
The one thing I've let myself get really creative about this year is spelling.
They are going to use interactive notebooks, and boy did I have fun getting them started for the older two. (The youngest will have one as well--just haven't gotten to hers yet.) I did two lessons for them, but after that, the sky's the limit! They have ideas, patterns and extra scraps in a bag and they will be in charge of incorporating different ideas to fill 3 pages in their notebooks for every list of words. I had so much fun getting theirs started that I was contemplating doing my own notebook!
The words are from the K12 online schooling program.
So here are some of my ideas for the two oldest:

Check out my SCHOOL pinterest board for this and other cool patterns for foldables!

In that little Scrabble envelope there are little card stock scrabble letters. 

Across the top of my chart I have: WORD, short definition, # of letters, # of syllables, part of speech, fraction of vowels and fraction of consonants


  1. Very fun! We're having fun over here with spelling as well! :) Glad you're giving yourself lots of freedom come November-ish. :)