Friday, August 16, 2013

Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation

Last year we started with the Goths and Visigoths and this year we've finally made it to one of my favorite parts of history--Renaissance and Reformation. Last year the hubby read to the kids out of Famous Men of the Middle Ages while the kids colored a pic of whoever the hubby was reading about. This year our family schedule won't allow the hubby to stay and read to the kids, so they'll be having history with little old me. The format will be basically the same:

* Read from Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation
* Color pictures copied from the internet of prominent people in the day's chapter
* Discuss said people and review facts in the chapter using some kind of graphic organizer
* Occasionally write small reports on our famous men
* Various and sundry other activities (if famous painter, paint a picture; if famous poet, read and discuss and write poetry, etc.)
* For history read-alouds, read The Beggar's Bible (Wycliffe), Ink on His Fingers (Gutenberg), Thunderstorm in Church (Luther), The Bible Smuggler (Tyndale), and The Man Who Laid the Egg (Koestler) by Louis A. Vernon
If any of you out there are using Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation, I thought you might want a copy of the coloring sheets that I've come up with. Some of them are actually coloring sheets, others are just black and white copies of pictures of that person. There are some of the other activities included as well. When I reached Martin Luther, I borrowed heavily from this excellent curriculum by a 5th grade teacher in Texas. I have tried to give credit to where each picture and idea originated. This PDF includes only my first 21 lessons, which get us through Martin Luther in the Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation. The pages are not quite in order (forgive me) but you will find them numbered by chapter in the Famous Men book and then in (parenthesis) you will find the # of my lesson. For instance Plutarch comes first in the Famous Men book, but he's going to be my second lesson so he's labeled: ch.1(2).

What are curriculum are you using for history this year?

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