Friday, July 19, 2013

Welcome to My Home (Take 2)

More than three years ago I took pictures of our house one day after I had cleaned (there has to be some reason for cleaning, right?) and posted them on this little blog. It is great to be able to look back and chronicle what has changed and what is the same.
On Wednesday we had our second home visit so that we can change our homestudy paperwork from a domestic adoption to a Ugandan one (Yes--we are still waiting on our fourth child--another post, I suppose). When the house was all clean, I walked around taking pics so that I could invite you into my home once again. Take a look around and then come on back to the family room and we'll have a cup of tea and nice long chat. 
In the entryway we have added quite a lot. The furniture here is mostly organizational pieces to help with the clutter of five people coming in and out of the house. The shelf with hooks and the bench are from The Company Store (a gift from my mother in law) and the square piece is one of the EXPEDIT series from ikea. These pieces are so versatile and extremely affordable!
Not much has changed in the kitchen from this view except that the counter is not cluttered with stuff now because...
of this beauty from ikea. Since we have lived in this house I have wondered what to do with this wall in the kitchen. There is not enough space for a table and too much space not to use it for something, but it is a major walkway so the furniture can't be too deep right here. Enter the LIATORP bookcase from ikea with glass doors and everything is put to rights. Ah, this is how our kitchen was supposed to look!
And of course every kitchen needs some art work. This hides the peeling paint on the side of our metal cabinets and looks especially neat edged with black wiring tape.
Our living room is, to be honest, most often used as a room for folding clothes (no laundry room--washer and dryer are in the garage-basement). But it is a great entertaining space and I love the huge window that looks out onto the patio.
This little space has had some major rearranging since the last set of pics. Homeschooling was a major chore when the dining room table had to be cleaned off three times a day for meals. This space makes our days work much better. Right now the school table holds the terrarium for our friendly pet Mexican Black Kingsnake--Montezuma. He'll probably be moved when summer is over and we start schooling here daily again. The bookshelves in this small space provide necessary spots for papers, notebooks and of course, school books. They need to be cleaned off for the coming school year!

This is the room in which we spend most our family time. The tv has changed in here (I hated to see my tv cabinet with doors go but sadly the new tv did not fit.) and in the last year we have stocked the coffee table with tons of board games that get lots of action, especially with our game-crazy boy.
Our hallway chronicles the growing up of our children with pictures of each from each year of life. The room at the end of the hallway is back to its boy-sailboat blue because we really hope to welcome a new son into our home soon.
The kids room is the first on the left and has more toys in it than I know what to do with. I am thankful for the time our kids spend happily playing here. Most played with toys right now: American Girl Dolls, legos, Food in the kitchen, Hero Factory, Dress Up clothes (in the closet), and polly pockets in the castle.
All three kiddos sleep in this room. This is made possible by the great bunk my mom made for the oldest. The oldest loves having her own space under the bunk as well with a desk, another EXPEDIT shelf with drawers for her clothes and shelves for her books. She also has a curtain that she can close so that the little space under her bed is her very own.
The hallway bathroom

The master bedroom

The boy's room all ready and waiting

Now for that cup of tea...

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  1. Everything looks happy and cozy.... :) Looking forward to a good chat really soon!