Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Update

We have had some slow--read a lot--play a lot kind of days this summer, but we have also 
had our share of ACTION!
I taught two weeks of ballet camp (make a skirt and a head band, learn a recital piece and the story of a ballet--very fun!) The youngest participated and loved every minute of it.
This mix was just too good to pass up with the camera. This pretty much sums up our youngest. 
Yay for adoption! We are on the track to adopt one or two little wonderfuls from a small orphanage in Uganda. One of our professors from our old college days has worked with this orphanage for 25 years. We're looking forward to completing our family.
Cow Appreciation Day

Our new pet Mexican Black Kingsnake
Montezuma (Monte for short)
And yes, he's having his weekly meal here: a tiny mouse.
Two -headed monster

Panning for gems at the Science Museum

Our friend the T-rex

blueberry picking

Library reading program fun

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