Saturday, July 13, 2013

St. Louis City Museum

I am always on the lookout for amazing places for our family to visit, and can I just say, this one is up there on the list of amazing places!
The St. Louis City Museum is an interesting mix of junk, art and playground and will astound the adult as much as it thrills the young.
In our three hours at the museum we saw no end to the places to climb, slide and explore!

Conquer your fear of heights many stories above the city by daring to climb with only metal structures to hold you up!

One of the things I loved about this museum was that there was absolutely no feel of "Let's all be safe!" Instead, there was a feeling of daring and adventure. Children even had to occasionally form a plan and figure out how to get into a tight space (or out of one). A hole in the floor might lead you to a slide into a dark tunnel which might route you to a tiny ladder to get you back to where you started. Or you might climb a tree and end up coming out the mouth of a whale. When my daughter bravely climbed into an unlit underground tiny tunnel, I discovered that (thank goodness) my uneasiness in small places has not been passed on to her. She crawled out from under the whale a few minutes later unscathed and quite proud of her new powers of bravery.

And then there were the slides. I believe the boy did them all (except for the one outside that was closed after the rain). He did the one that swirled around for 10 stories to get you from the roof down to the third floor caves. He did the two story one above where any normal-sized man might have gotten stuck in the colorful tunnel. He slid into a dragons mouth and out of an airplane. He did short ones down dark tunnels and long ones and wide ones and bumpy ones. And he did them all with a look of exploratory glee!
(p.s. he was the only one of us all brave enough to do the 10-story slide.)

And yes, I climbed over this little wire tunnel to get to the slide on the other side. It was a kind of strange sense of being in something very restrictive and being far to exposed to the empty stories of space beneath me. But I did it and I didn't drop my phone, so that was success!
I really thought that we might have some tears from the youngest as she fought to conquer some of her fears, but nope, she was one of the bravest!

The hubby snapped a pic of yours truly. (Climbing in style with my bike shorts on under my dress.)

View from the roof of the huge climbing structure

So if you're any where near, take a trip to the City Museum. You won't be disappointed!

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