Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fantasy Summer

During the summer we read a lot around here. A LOT.
I couldn't even tell you all the books that the oldest has plowed through. She has read three or four books a week since summer began. I have been working my way through some great inexpensive choices for the kindle and a few library books.
Here are a few of the ones we're enjoying:

This was my latest read from the library. I usually shy away from sci-fi because it can get way out there in the science and leave me wishing for a little more story. This was not one of those books. It had enough fictional science dealing with the mysteries of time to make me think hard, but it didn't let that crowd a great story of finding one's purpose in life. I would put the minimum age on this one around 14 just because the science needs some good thinking and processing skills.
This was one I found when I was searching for book sets for the kindle. The whole set was only $4.99, but don't let the price fool you--this was entertaining, thought provoking and fun reading! Another story of finding one's purpose in life, the power of friendship, bravery and self sacrifice. Minimum age would probably need to be around 14 again, just because the story is heavy and dark and has lots of twists and turns.
This was another cheap kindle find. I actually bought the series for around $5, but I can't find the series online anymore. But buying them separately would be almost as inexpensive. The first one is free for kindle! This is the age old story of a girl finding out that she is actually a princess. The story is a little more simple and sweet than the books above and would be fine for younger ones (10?) except for the fact that the main character gets married quite young (17) during the series and there are very tame references to the benefits of marriage. I will probably let my daughter read this one somewhere around 12, though I may want to give her ample opportunity to question me about the after-marriage content.

by Veronica Roth
You'd have to be pretty isolated not to have heard about this series lately. With the movie of Divergent coming out next year, everyone's buzzing about this one. I had avoided it because I'm usually not into end-of-the-world kind of stories, but I should know that a good book is a good book and I love to read a good book.
This was one. I enjoyed the main character--going from straight-laced, self-sacrificial to tatooed and brave and finding out that the two are not that far apart. I enjoyed the story of the unavoidable problems of the human sinful nature even when society is divided into like-minded groups. 
But the reason I actually picked up the books was that a friend of mine wandered upon the set of Divergent as she was walking around Chicago. She posted a rogue pic of it on her blog and I was so intrigued I had to go out and find the books. I bought them on the kindle--not as cheap as the other sets, but still cheaper than buying them as hard copies.

This series is an old favorite that both the oldest and I have already read, but now we're sharing it with the younger two as a read-aloud. My favorite part? Having the kids recognize the book quotes at the beginning of each chapter! This is a story of a man who has the power to read characters out of books and the trouble that ensues for him because of that. The main character is his 12 year old daughter. 
This is an interesting tale of the horrors of what can happen if we keep our children too safe. The story is exciting and completely appropriate for young readers (my daughter is reading the series now.)

So there you have it--

Happy Summer Reading!

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