Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paper Birdhouses

The perfect craft for a bird birthday is building a birdhouse, right? Or at least decorating one that's already been built. My first thought was buying little wooden bird houses, but when that proved too pricey (though I did eventually find the little $1 birdhouses at Michaels after I built all the paper ones, of course) I decided to build paper bird houses!
These are cute for bird birthdays, but also good for bird units for classrooms or schooling at home. 
They are also just pure fun and would entertain any for a rainy day, and after making 27 of them, I can say that they really are quite easy to put together.
The original design and pattern came from inner child fun via pinterest. (I have a nice little collection of bird birthday items on my Birthday Ideas pinterest board.)
After discovering that the paper did not really like the stick glue, I decided to hot glue all the houses together so that they would be ready to be decorated by the party goers.

They are cute even when plain!
I also used a few of the blue paper bird houses to hang in my "tree"--actually just a branch from a flowering bush in our back yard. It needed pruning anyway. : ) If you look closely you can see that I used some leftover birds from the invitations to hang in the tree as well.
Yay for birds!
Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm addicted to buying birds now. At Cracker Barrel today, I could not pass over some miniature ceramic bird salt and pepper shakers that were on sale. I think I have a bird problem!

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