Monday, June 17, 2013

Magic Dress

Have you guys heard about these magic wrap-around skirts? They are pretty amazing. From all I can see, you can wear this one skirt in about 100 different ways. I played around with one of mine a bit in front of the mirror---

This is a very fun piece of clothing! I wore the first option out to a movie with the hubby on Friday night. I took a sweater to combat the movie theater air conditioning, but I loved the coolness of the dress when we were outside. The dress is made out of silk, so even wearing it double layered isn't hot.
Oh, and by the way, can you imagine how wonderful this dress would be for travel? It can be folded up into a tiny piece, the wrinkles pretty much shake out of it and it could be worn every day of your travel in a different way! Amazing!
the skirt is completely reversible, as well as having two layers so that one layer can be pulled up to make a shirt. Also, everywhere that I found these skirts, each one was one of a kind. Pretty cool. 
Interested? You can find this dress in lots of places. Here are a few I found:
And of course there are plenty of options right on your friendly Amazon.

My skirt is one of the longer options, but there is a short one as well (see the second and third rows below) that can work as a blouse.

I'm only counting this piece as one dress in my closet! 21 more to go. : )
This has been another edition of "Closet Reveal: Dress Addiction" by Of Such is the Kingdom.

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