Sunday, June 23, 2013

Did I Mention...

We got a snake.
Several months ago, our family visited the Creation Museum (here and here) and saw a wonderful snake show. The hubby remarked that he could totally do that job (handle snakes all day) and I grinned knowing that he was absolutely right. 
A month later the hubby said, "What do you think about getting the kids a snake?"
I was fine with that but the more I thought about it, the more I thought the snake would make a great gift for the hubby.
So for Father's Day we made the plunge.
We bought the hubby a Mexican Black Kingsnake.
And he loves it.

He has  a great set-up (in the school room for now)
He eats a tiny mouse once a week and he's very easy. He's never even hinted about being the least bit grumpy. He's great!
Oh, and we named him Montezuma.
Monty Kingsnake

Happy pet owning!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Magic Dress

Have you guys heard about these magic wrap-around skirts? They are pretty amazing. From all I can see, you can wear this one skirt in about 100 different ways. I played around with one of mine a bit in front of the mirror---

This is a very fun piece of clothing! I wore the first option out to a movie with the hubby on Friday night. I took a sweater to combat the movie theater air conditioning, but I loved the coolness of the dress when we were outside. The dress is made out of silk, so even wearing it double layered isn't hot.
Oh, and by the way, can you imagine how wonderful this dress would be for travel? It can be folded up into a tiny piece, the wrinkles pretty much shake out of it and it could be worn every day of your travel in a different way! Amazing!
the skirt is completely reversible, as well as having two layers so that one layer can be pulled up to make a shirt. Also, everywhere that I found these skirts, each one was one of a kind. Pretty cool. 
Interested? You can find this dress in lots of places. Here are a few I found:
And of course there are plenty of options right on your friendly Amazon.

My skirt is one of the longer options, but there is a short one as well (see the second and third rows below) that can work as a blouse.

I'm only counting this piece as one dress in my closet! 21 more to go. : )
This has been another edition of "Closet Reveal: Dress Addiction" by Of Such is the Kingdom.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer To Dos

Visit a splash pad/swimming pool

Have frozen yogurt

Go to the beach

Visit a war memorial

Go to a state park with a lake

Play on a playground (or two or three!)

Go to a museum

Play on a blanket in the grass

Have a tortilla bar

Go to an aquarium

Ride a carousel

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ode to the Beach

Have I ever mentioned that I love the beach? There is something about
Hot sand
The roar of the waves
Happy cheers of children
Cool water
Sand castles
And Boats
That come together to make 

Happy summer, everyone!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


In case you hadn't heard, I have an addiction to dresses. At some point in my life I realized that I didn't care a wit about collecting china dolls or porcelain birds or even those incredibly cute willow tree statues. And then I realized I had an addiction to buying dresses off the sale rack and I decided that I would collect dresses. That's logical, don't you think? Incidentally, if you're thinking about buying me something from willow tree to stand on my mantel, just buy me a dress instead, ok?
I love to shop for dresses (Unique Vintage, Modcloth and Shabby Apple being my current favorite "window" shops) and I love to wear dresses!! I am way (way) more comfortable in a dress than in my workout clothes and that is saying a lot. I own dresses for every occasion and some dresses that all by themselves can fit any occasion.
So I've decided to slowly (but surely) share my dresses with you. Here are some that I've worn recently:

I can't remember exactly where this dress is from. I bought it back when I was nursing child number two because wrap-arounds are the only kind of dress I could figure out how to nurse in. I also don't remember how much I spent on this dress, but you can be assured it was on some kind of sale!
shoes: DSW sale rack, about $15

Dress: Old Navy--I love the fact that though this dress is actually neon coral and white, the pattern soothes it down to a nice pink unless you are very close. My other favorite thing about this dress is that pleats are very tight at the top of the skirt and looser at the bottom. This makes for a very full skirt and a lot of swirl. : ) The dress was on sale for about $10.
Believe it or not, these are Sketchers! These are so comfortable, have a nice wedge heel and look good with everything. I paid full price for them at a Rack Room Shoes kind of place. About $40.

This is an Ann Taylor Loft outlet "deal of the day" dress. ($17) I get lots of compliments on how pretty it is, and all I can figure is people think it's pretty because it is LONG. Otherwise it is very simple and has an elastic (!!) waist. There are lots of belts that would look really cute with it, but so far I've just been enjoying the elastic. The scarf is from target.
Ok, that's it for now, but if I'm counting correctly, I have about 22 more dresses from my current closet to show you!
(I told you I loved dresses!)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Free Shorts

As we were preparing for camp this week, we realized the oldest only had one pair of shorts that fit. We didn't panic, though because as the oldest said, "It's amazing what you can make without spending anything!"
We took two pairs of her jeans from this past season, cut them off right above the worn out knees,  rolled them to different lengths,
and decorated them with some fabric paint the granna had given the oldest for Christmas.

The oldest went off to camp this morning sporting her "new" shorts and feeling cool and stylish
for free.
How are you clothing your kiddos this summer?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paper Birdhouses

The perfect craft for a bird birthday is building a birdhouse, right? Or at least decorating one that's already been built. My first thought was buying little wooden bird houses, but when that proved too pricey (though I did eventually find the little $1 birdhouses at Michaels after I built all the paper ones, of course) I decided to build paper bird houses!
These are cute for bird birthdays, but also good for bird units for classrooms or schooling at home. 
They are also just pure fun and would entertain any for a rainy day, and after making 27 of them, I can say that they really are quite easy to put together.
The original design and pattern came from inner child fun via pinterest. (I have a nice little collection of bird birthday items on my Birthday Ideas pinterest board.)
After discovering that the paper did not really like the stick glue, I decided to hot glue all the houses together so that they would be ready to be decorated by the party goers.

They are cute even when plain!
I also used a few of the blue paper bird houses to hang in my "tree"--actually just a branch from a flowering bush in our back yard. It needed pruning anyway. : ) If you look closely you can see that I used some leftover birds from the invitations to hang in the tree as well.
Yay for birds!
Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm addicted to buying birds now. At Cracker Barrel today, I could not pass over some miniature ceramic bird salt and pepper shakers that were on sale. I think I have a bird problem!