Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lately, Being a Momma Means...

turning the oldest's pics into canvas art at
faithfully watching over the seeds we hope will sprout soon
(in more ways than one!)
(and eating my fair share, for sure) 
being the first responder for accidents like these
immortalizing the youngest's humor
(see the happy girls? and the sad boy who has to clean up the mess behind him?)
cheering for the boy
serving up color
shipping off those gently used clothes to Moxie Jean
cooking in batches to keep my sanity.
and teaching at the aquarium
and finishing up speech class and piano and horseback riding and choir and 
and helping with a ministry's family festival
and grocery shopping 
and getting over a tiny cold.

and to come?

well, there's going to be a little bird's birthday
and finishing up homeschooling for the year
and carpooling to camp
and traveling to Grandma's
and hopefully, God-willing adopting that baby soon!

It may be simple around here, but it is never dull!

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