Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Women's Retreat

On Friday I made two loaves of bread, chocolate drop cookies and salad for twelve people. I took a walk with a friend, went swimming at the Y with the kids, packed my bags and showered and made myself presentable. I washed and folded two loads of clothes and picked up the house. Oh, and I spent about an hour cleaning out the van. 
And I did all of that before 3:00. 
And the reward for my labors?
A weekend retreat with the women of our church at a state park about 3 hours away.

Amid quiet times and beautiful views, I got to fellowship with some wonderful amazing women from our church--some of whom shared their stories during the weekend meetings.
Like a woman who has been a PE teacher for 30 years, and was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago just before her husband left her with 2 little girls to care for. 
And can I just tell you that, though her left arm doesn't work and she has to "turn on her leg" so that electric shocks can help her move it to walk with her walker,
she is the happiest and most beautiful woman I have ever met.
And yes, she is still joyfully teaching young children how to stay active and play for God.
And before and after hiking and climbing stairs around an amazing waterfall (you can only see a tiny part of it here) we heard heart-changing messages about discovering life-lies and taking off the clothes of the old man and putting on the grace-given clothes of a new creation in Christ.
I'm still slowly working through all that I learned.

And I came home tired and weepy and incredible refreshed.
Praise the Lord for truth spoken and fellowship enjoyed.


  1. This sounds heavenly! Glad you were able to go!

  2. What a gorgeous place for a retreat!

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