Friday, April 12, 2013

Wizard of Oz Week

This week Monday went very much as usual: Horseback riding, running errands and teaching ballet.
And woven in with that the kids put their Monday work on their clipboards, carried it around with them, and pretty much finished it up.
But when I woke up on Tuesday and looked over the coming week, I realized something was going to have to change!
There was no way we could do our clip board work and lessons for each day as well as get everything else done.

Tuesday Eat breakfast, have Daddy read history while kids color history coloring sheets, get the youngest out the door with Daddy and the friend we take over to Mother's Day Out. Make sure the youngest and the Daddy have lunches. Pack lunches for the rest of us and get us out the door to The Wizard of Oz play put on by a local theater.
(Very awesome.)
Realize that we have time to eat lunch at home, so take lunch home, inviting friends who need a place to eat lunch to join us. Then go with those friends to the boy's first batting practice.
(Also very fun.)
Return home to meet the youngest as she is being brought home by another friend from her Mother's Day Out program. Invite that friend and her daughter in for play time and tea.
When she leaves to pick her oldest up from school, answer e-mails and prep dinner, slap hands with the hubby as he comes home from work and head off to an Acupuncture appointment. Return home with just enough time to finish up dinner, serve dinner and eat dinner before the hubby leaves for a meeting.
Get kids into bed.
See? No time for lessons or written work!
Wednesday:  Skip history so that breakfast is leisurely and hubby can leave for work early. Rush around getting all supplies and lunch packed up, and then head off to pick up friends and meet more friends at the Aquarium for a little class on turtles.
(I taught it.)
Then off to the Y for a walk with a friend and home again in just enough time to rush off to a dentist appointment for all three kids. They all read to me or to themselves while the other ones had their appointment.
Then they had about a thirty minute rest before choir, church dinner and Kids Clubs at church. Momma and Daddy have choir during that time as well.
Home again and happily, to bed.
Thursday: Breakfast, history with Daddy, and off to MDO for the youngest. Then a good little table learning time mostly focused around The Wizard of Oz. Review our memory verses, catechism questions and geography songs (Kathy Troxel), answer discussion questions about the play, read about the Frank Baum and discuss the character. Have each child pick a character and write a short essay about him.
Have a friend for tea,
go to speech class for the big kids/play date for the youngest,
take dinner (made in the crockpot) to a friend who had a baby and hold their baby and love it and talk about babies and spend way too much time just relaxing with that baby in my arms...
home for dinner (because baseball practice got rained out)
and bedtime.
Friday: glorious Friday! We usually have a wonderful art class at 12 with neighbor-home schoolers, but it is cancelled today so we are FREE!
So I drew this Wizard of Oz Math Board Game
(we roll 2 dice and then answer a math fact card that corresponds with the kind of problem indicated on the square. The youngest won btw.)
And we played school.
--pattern blocks
and lots of enjoying the cool but beautiful weather.

So there you have it. All my excuses for not doing regular home school this week.
But that is the beauty of home school.
All of that crazy running around was teaching us many things.
And that, I do believe, is the definition of school.
Happy Schooling!

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