Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What We're Watching

Update time...
If our tv is on lately, then it's a safe bet one of the following will be showing:

Yep, we're still hanging out with these guys. Phineas and Ferb continues to be a clever, engaging and funny show that our whole family enjoys.
The Bible (on the History Channel) is definitely worth a watch. It does endeavor to stay faithful to the Book it describes, and no amount of taking in that book can ever be enough! The hubby and I have enjoyed watching and discussing how they chose what to show and what to skip over.
 I think we've decided not to share it with the kids now--there is nothing questionable in it, really, it's just that there are some very hard things to deal with in the Bible, and we would rather deal with through the text instead of visually right now.
The hubby is reading the kids The Lord of the Rings and I love the fact that it sparks many discussions about true heros and how Aragon or Gandalf point to Christ. But when the hubby began talking about showing the kids the movie, I balked. It's scary, right?! But the more they read and discussed and begged, the more I relented and so we are now two movies into the series. When they are done reading Return of the King, we will all watch the third movie together. And yes, there have been quite a few times when I have hidden the 5yo's eyes, but the family time and the beautiful visual to put with what they are learning through the reading outweighs the negatives, I do believe.
And if regular programming tv is on this time of year, it's probably the Cardinals! We watch whenever we can get the game. I love how happy this makes the hubby and the boy and I love that our family has a common love.

Alas, we are now done with Alias, but the hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this series together. If you like the spy thriller kind of show, it's definitely for you.

When your tv is on, what's usually showing?

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun TV going on at your house! :)