Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Last week our family traveled to south FL to camp and visit friends. Our first campsite was in O'Leno State Park. We were scheduled to go for two nights, but we opted out of the thunderstorm that was coming through the first night and left a day later. We loved hiking at O'Leno and setting up our campsite. We didn't love the fact that I forgot matches and starter for our fire. : )
A borrowed lighter and some newspaper later, we warmed our spaghetti and ate our first round of campfire s'ghetti. It was easy (warm up frozen ground beef, jarred spaghetti sauce and already cooked noodles in cast iron dutch oven) and this will be a meal I'll do again while camping.
See the large gator on that log?
This is the "end" of the Sante Fe River--it disappears under ground here in the park and reappears 3 miles later.
On the way to visit friends, we stopped at a small park right before the beautiful Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
While visiting friends, we explored some of the beaches nearby.

And yes, it was quite cold (especially on the beach) in South FL at the end of March. We told our friends if they ever got tired of warm weather, just have us down to FL to camp. The cold weather seems to follow us when we camp.
The cold (50s) weather did not keep us from enjoying every part of trip, though!

Second Campsite in Jonathan Dickenson State Park

Cardinals Spring Training
Beach in Jupiter, FL


  1. Great Fun! Happy WW :)

    ~ Jill


  2. How fun is that!!! Love the pics!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful and fun trip, in spite of the cold! :)