Monday, March 11, 2013

IKEA, How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways:
1. Entryway organization is made easy with EXPEDIT 4-squared shelf with 4 $5 cloth boxes as drawers.
($40 for shelf and $20 for drawers = $60)
2. Instead of plastic drawers (see below) EXPEDIT 8-squared shelf neatens up the oldest's under her bunk space. We also used those $5 boxes as drawers for the oldest's clothes and storage.
($70 for shelf $30 for drawers = $100)

The oldest's clean under-the bunk space.

3. Instead of (broken) plastic drawers for the boy, he now has 3 of the $5 boxes in this EXPEDIT 8-squared shelf. The other three boxes are awaiting baby clothes. (i.e. Adoption!--We don't know when we'll be chosen, so it's good to be ready.)
($70 for shelf and $30 for drawers= $100)
4. On the other side of the boy's and baby's closet is a $20 computer desk that I don't think ikea carries anymore, but it's perfect for the sewing machine.
5. My new white dishes! 
($20 for a set of 18--6 large plates, 6 small plates and 6 bowls)
6. No drip candles from ikea are wonderful!
($8 for 20)
7. I also couldn't find this one when I just looked for it on the ikea website, but we bought this at the beginning of the school year--table and 4 chairs were $129!

After putting together both of those 8-squared shelves this weekend, I can truly say that I have nothing but respect for ikea furniture. Sure, you have to put it together yourself, but if they made it any easier, it would be magic. I put both of the (pretty big) shelves and popped and zipped all the boxes together in just a couple of hours. Some of their pieces are wood "product" of course, but compared to other stores' inexpensive furniture, theirs is more sturdy, more well made and in my opinion, more attractive.
When you add all of our expenditures up, we have spent quite a bit of money at ikea over the last year, but again, I can tell you, every dime has been worth it! 
Happy shopping!

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