Monday, March 4, 2013

Creation Museum Part #3

After we were done with the museum on Saturday, we took a drive through Cincinnati. It is a beautiful city with the river and the different areas of town being on different elevations.
I was particularly taken with this one building that was on the other side of the beautiful bridge pictured above.
The building itself extended the curves of the bridge up into the sky.
There was a lot of decorative work on buildings--you can't see it well, but this building has a huge lion's head on a decorative awning at the top.
The youngest napped right through our little self tour of the city and then we woke her up to eat at a restaurant near the stadiums. We finished up the day with a treat of frozen yogurt and then we went back to our hotel for an actual night of sleep.
The next morning we packed, breakfasted and headed home.
This was a great two day trip! Total cost for 2 nights in a hotel, indoor waterpark, museum tickets, 7 meals (for 5 people) and gas was around $500. What we actually got--the learning by experience and the great family time--was priceless.
Check out
of our trip to Cincinnati!

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