Saturday, March 2, 2013

Creation Museum Part #2

Ok, so remember yesterday when I said the kids had three hours at a water park and still were too keyed up to go to sleep until 10pm?
Well, that didn't keep them from being ready and rearing to go at 7am the next morning. So the daddy read to them while I got ready and then we all headed down to the hot breakfast provided by the hotel. After filling our tummies we headed to the main event
The Creation Museum
This was such a great place! If you're at all interested in the science of creation, this is a place you'll want to walk through slowly. And if you have kids, you're going to be constantly torn by the way they excitedly want to run ahead and the way you want to read every word. We were that family, but I think we did well--We'll want to come back when the kids are older, but for the most part, we were able to study and read and keep up the pace.
Oh, and by the way, instead of the $90 we would have paid, with the coupon, we paid $40 for our family. We also spent the extra $14 for the Snakes Alive show.

One part of the museum is dedicated to Noah and his experience building the ark. There is a large room where you can see wax figures working on the ark and how the wood and pitch were used to make a water tight boat. There is also an interactive room where you can put together puzzles and "ask" a wax figure of Noah questions that he really answers! The Creation Museum is now raising money to fund building a life-size ark! They will build it there by the museum. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

In the petting zoo, our favorite animals were the Alpaca. Their funny inquisitive faces really won us over! There were also 
 and a Zorse and a Zeedonk as well--to exemplify that animals can mate within a species and create hybrids, but animals can never be created cross species (example: mating a cat and a dog and creating a new species is impossible.)
We were fascinated by the colorful snakes. We even got a family picture holding one of the pythons!
I definitely recommend the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, OH!
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