Monday, February 11, 2013

Homeschool Update

School is going well this semester.
We've enjoyed implementing many of the plans I made at the beginning of the semester.
We've added a few things, taken away a few things and we're learning how to work together a little better.
During each week:
1. The oldest takes 2 hour horseback riding class
2. The boy reads at least one book aloud to me. He is also reading Tin Tin books on his own.
3. The youngest does writing and reading worksheets and reads books aloud with me.
4. We finish five math lessons in Saxon. I've learned that our lessons go much (MUCH) more smoothly if I pick and choose a bit and don't make the kiddos do every problem. We still get all the skills, just not quite as much repetition.
5. The youngest has two days of pre-school at our church.
6. The oldest and the boy and I are learning so much about Africa! We have all of the Africa songs (Kathy Troxel Geography Songs are wonderful!) memorized and we're learning about the countries as well. (Did you know that the USA doesn't really know what to do with Western Sahara? Some claim it's an independent country, but Morocco also claims it's theres. We just try to stay out of that argument.)
7. We are learning Philippians 2 and reading other Bible verses each day about "having the same mind as Christ Jesus"--being servant-like and humble, obedient and loving, thankful and peaceful.
8. We are continuing to work through the catechism questions--not worrying so much about memorization as understanding what we are reading.
9. The hubby is reading about Christopher Columbus's time each morning.
10. The oldest and the boy have choir on Wednesday evenings at our church.
11. All three kiddos go to Kid's Club on Wednesday evenings at our church.
12. The oldest and the boy are taking a speech class taught by a local college student for kids 
ages 6 to 14. They will learn how to give different kinds of speeches to their homeschool group.
15. We have joined with a neighbor/fellow homeschooler for an art class. The other mom is teaching it and it's great! She chose to start with early Renaissance painters, which lines up neatly with our time period in history.
16. The boy is working each week on a Wordly Wise list of words and the girl is using the 4th grade K12 list of spelling words. 
17. They are each writing/drawing in a journal weekly.
18. We are visiting the aquarium for classes monthly. Our first one was on sea horses. (Did you know that sea horse daddies are the ones to carry the babies?) Next comes otters. (Otters have pockets! They carry food and their special stone for breaking shells in their pocket!)
We're using a wonderful little attitude jar to make our times together more pleasant (and Christ-like). I'll be sharing about that soon!

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