Thursday, February 28, 2013

Creation Museum Weekend Part #1

Last weekend our family took a little homeschooling trip. I'm hoping it was the first of many learning and exploring trips our family will take.
After hearing that the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, OH (actually it's right across the river in KY) was offering homeschoolers a discount for the months of January and February, I thought, "Why not?" and began researching the opportunity. Here's what we came out with:
On Friday as soon as my husband was able (around 10:30am) we hopped in a neatly packed car and headed toward Cincinnati. We enjoyed the beautiful drive and the kids used the time to watch a little Magic School Bus science on the human body as well as play a bit on the Kindle. After a packed lunch (something like these) and a quick dinner ($16 at Wendy's) we stopped at our first destination: a BIG surprise for the kids.
CocoKey Indoor Waterpark!

Turns out that Friday nights are a special deal--from 4pm-9pm the cost is $10/person. So we took the plunge and it was well worth it! There were four large water slides that looped around outside the building--2 for tubes and 2 body slides. The daddy and the big kiddos went straight for these. The youngest needed a little build up. So we started with those small yellow slides in the second picture, worked our way to the wading pool kid slides and then she was ready for the smaller tube slides--
And that blur is my usually afraid but steadily growing up youngest!
And then there was of course the huge bucket (2nd pic) that dumped every 20 minutes or so. That was always fun.
But the best part? Definitely the hot tub! It had a little doorway to outside in the 40 degree weather, so that you could escape the noise and crowds for a while and just sit in the hot water with the sky above you. 
I also tried out one of the tube big slides, by the way, and really enjoyed it. It was a mild and exhilarating ride.

After CocoKey, we headed back to our hotel. We were able to get a reduced upgrade, so for about $100 a night, we got a suite with two rooms. I thought the kids might crash from being at the water park for three hours, but no such luck. They were very wound up and eventually went off to sleep around 10pm. 
Stay tuned for part 2...

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