Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Attitude Jar

This little beauty has revolutionized our time together homeschooling.
When we started back homeschooling, we had a really hard time with attitudes. I'm including myself in this, and I really think the attitude jar has helped me too!
I bought this little vase and stones for a fish tank at Walmart. I set it out with a few less stones in it than you see here. Each day I look for willingness to do what I ask, cheerfulness during school, quick response to direction, etc. I reward this kind of behavior with another stone in the jar.
The opposite of that behavior can result in removing a stone or two from the jar. 
I like this because I don't have to fuss or spend any time at all on the discipline except for reaching over and taking a stone from the jar.
When the jar is full, we will pause from our schooling and go out for ice cream!
I have seen that it doesn't take long for bad attitudes to take root in our little classroom,
but I have also seen that it doesn't take long before
good attitudes can become the habit.
This could work in any situation with preschoolers or chores or I've even seen adults rewarding themselves for chores remembered or tasks done in this way!
It's amazing what pretty stones piling up in a clear vase can encourage us to do.

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  1. I love this idea! We need some version of this here too!