Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Plans from a Planner

If you've read anything here (or if you know me personally) you know I'm a planner. It's like an obsession. At night, when I lay down to sleep, instead of getting fuzzier, my brain gets sharper and starts planning. If I'm going to plan everything in sight fun things, I might as well share them with you, right?
Current Plans Include
We're using the notebooks again. This time our content will include
1. Very simple writing curriculum for the oldest, written by yours truly, that will walk her through writing an essay a week, complete with brainstorming, outlining, rough draft, final draft and stylistic technique rubric
2. Second half of Saxon3 Math worksheets
3. Grammar worksheets covering parts of speech, labeling sentences, correcting sentences and more
4. Science writing prompts (I'm excited about these). Every day they will copy a writing prompt and write a few sentences about it. I'm hoping this will spur on the natural science curiosity that is usually alive and well in this household.
5. Daily sheets like the one below except that for this semester I've switched out the easy US states for countries in Africa. They will identify the country by its shape by finding it on the map of Africa and then fill in its capital as well. The boxes that contain skip counting and sentence labeling below have been changed to hold some of the daily Saxon math review. Our memory chapter is Philippians 2.
Outside of the notebooks
6. The oldest will also be continuing her horseback riding and the journal and reading that goes along with that.
7. The oldest and the boy will attend choir at our church with periodic performances.
8. We're continuing with our Spanish in the car and online with Discover Spanish.
9. We will visit the local aquarium once a month with a short lesson and time to explore.
10. We are continuing our (almost) weekly swimming.
11. We have a Kindle now! I'm working on loading it up with games that will especially target math facts and problem solving skills. 
12. The boy will not have the essay writing curriculum but will have a reading comprehension worksheet (or two) a day and another writing sheet, as well as handwriting each day. 
13. Last but not least, the hubby is continuing his leading of history. We will review the Middle Ages and begin the Age of Exploration and the Renaissance and Reformation. We will mainly be using The World of Columbus and Sons and Famous Men Of The Renaissance & Reformation along with other fiction and non-fiction books, lots of coloring sheets and activities.

Home Improvements:
I'm going to re-do our dining room!
It has looked almost exactly like this since we moved in 5 1/2 years ago. I've already taken down the curtains. (Anyone want to buy them? They're listed on craigslist.) I'm planning on painting the wallpaper white and doing some other moving around--clean and fresh is what I'm going for. I'm also going to buy a large white curtain rod (from Lowe's) and inexpensive white curtains from IKEA. All together, I should be able to manage quite a different look for only a little bit of money. 
We're also planning on the hubby painting all the trim in the house, hiring someone to re-do our gutters and perhaps getting a new large cabinet for the kitchen as funds allow. It feels like spring cleaning around here!

Here's another thing that never changes about me; I always have a trip or two in the works.
First trip up is to a local museum this Saturday.
All that planning above doesn't include this week's schooling, which is almost entirely focused on dinosaurs! A science museum not too far from here has a wonderful dinosaur exhibit, so we're taking a day trip soon to add some personal experience to our learning.
(we last visited this museum in October of 2011)
Also up in the way of trips is the boy's "7yo trip with Grandad" to Legoland, a possible trip down to see a friend (who lives at the beach) around Easter and a hopeful trip (maybe hitching a ride with my dad?) up to Cincinnati to see the 
Creation Museum. You have to check this museum out. It looks amazing!
Studying dinosaurs this week has definitely made me want to learn more about how to explain history in the light of what we know to be true in the Bible.

I could go on about the plans. There are all kinds, but I do try to keep in mind that "a man's heart plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps" and keep all these plans in an open hand lifted up to my Lord. And of course, everything is contingent on that wonderful possibility of being chosen to adopt at any minute!
What are your plans for this semester?


  1. Looks like you have a fun and well-planned semester in front of all of you! Can't wait to see the new dining room . . . it's going to look great! We're doing much of the same as last year with a bit more coordination with preschool activities for the younger one. Now if I can just keep on *top* of things!

  2. Just found your blog, and this post inspires me! Best wishes for an adventurous, exciting semester! My plans? To keep writing! God bless!