Friday, January 4, 2013

Family Game Night

We get a lot of presents for Christmas. It's kind of crazy, really. We have some really generous Grandparents, and sometimes that can get a wee bit overwhelming.
This year, in an effort to use these wonderful gifts toward a family oriented goal-
-I asked for and gave games.
Our kids get very few gifts from us, the parents, so I have to be very careful what I choose. I was very pleased with the above gift. I wrapped each game and then put them in a treasure box (from Hobby Lobby) and wrapped that as well. They were happy with the games, and we've had a lot of game-play in the family room because of them.
One set of grandparents also bought the kids a Wii. Already we've had some giggly family time in front of Disney Just Dance.
And we're looking forward to trying out our Hasbro Family Game Night.
We got a few other games as well--

And this--to help us all get into the horses the oldest loves so well.

So, as you can see, we're all set for pretty much 365 family game nights in 2013. : )
What games do you play with your kids? 
How do you spend your family nights?

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  1. Family game nights are so fun! This post is making me realize that we haven't had one in a while and need to make that happen. Currently, we're in the Memory, Candy Lane and Chutes and Ladders phase of life. :) I *try* to sit and have lots of "simple" imaginary play with them (so entertaining!), but all too often let other things get in the way of that. I love it when it happen though. :) Looks like you guys are set for quite awhile! :)