Saturday, December 8, 2012

Great Christmas Gifts for Kids

Not finished with your shopping yet? Great! I have some awesome ideas for your kiddos right here. And one of the best parts about it is that you don't have to leave your seat to purchase them.
First up is something that I've mentioned many times on Of Such is the Kingdom. These are, in my opinion, the best scripture memorization music out there--Songs for Saplings cds could make great stocking stuffers. For us, they're serving as cousin gifts. (Shh! Don't tell!)
My favorite of their cds is the 123 cd, but I have to say that the catechism question and answer cds (with scripture proofs in each song) are amazing! In fact, while you're at the site, you better just buy all their cds. When my order came, I had an extra cd in my pack as a thank you gift from Songs for Saplings. Sweet!
I'll share a secret with you--our kids are getting events as their "big present" from us. This just kind of fell together by accident. The oldest is getting a night out with momma, best friend and best friend's mom. We're all going to a Secret Keeper Girl Pajama Party Tour event. I'm pretty excited about having help encouraging my daughter to be modest and Godly in the way she portrays herself as a young lady. We'll all go out to eat together before the event. And in honor of it, the oldest is getting these adorable owl pajamas and slippers to match from Target.
The oldest is also getting a whole lot of girly stuff (i.e. tiny curling iron, lip gloss, smelly lotion, etc) in a pretty little jewelry box. She's going to love it!
The credit for the idea for the boy's gift goes to a good friend of mine. All I did was copy her gift for her son exactly. She had talked to a nearby baseball coach about giving batting lessons to her son. And for the gift part, she filled a bat bag with new baseball gear. When she shared this great idea, I immediately asked her if those batting lessons could be "one on two" and set out to purchase the same kind of gift for the boy. He'll love getting to hang out with a buddy, learn how to bat better and have a new batting helmet, bag and bat!
The boy is also looking forward to a trip with his Grandad to Legoland. When the grandkids reach seven, my dad has decided that he'll use some of his frequent flyer points to take them to the destination of their choice. The boy has asked for Legoland. He's so excited that almost his entire Christmas list revolves around this trip. 
his spelling makes my mother-heart melt
The camera, sunglasses, iPod and suitcase are all in preparation for that trip with Grandad.
For the youngest, I picked out the prettiest, fru-fru-iest dress I could find when Penny's was having their Black Friday sale. It is purple and has flowers and ruffles and sparkles and streamers and all the things that make the youngest feel her very best. Her event is to wear her beautiful dress out on a date with Daddy. I can't wait to help her get ready and see her face as she feels like the prettiest and most special daughter there ever was. : )
The youngest is also to the stage where she loves to "read" with me. I'll point out a word like "the" and every time I come to that word, she'll read it. We're running out of little words that she can handle, so I thought these "Ready to Read" Olivia the Pig books would be great.
Many of the books have those picture words--where every time the book mentions the word "house" it will have a picture of a house. That way the youngest can help me read. And really, she's not too far away from being truly ready to read and able to handle these books by herself. Along with a set of these, she's getting a backpack Olivia the Pig. 

So there you have some of our Christmas gift ideas. 
What are your children getting for Christmas this year? What is your family giving this year?

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