Monday, December 17, 2012


A friend had a craft birthday party for her little one a few days back--I loved these Christmas trees so much, that I stole my daughter's tree for our living room! 
Wrap a piece of craft paper into a cone shape, tape and cut off bottom to make it flat.
Then go crazy with decorating--pom poms, glitter glue, ribbon and more!
Last weekend we were privileged to catch the boat parade in our downtown. It was awesome! Some of the boats even had little shows on board! The lights in the foreground are all the kids who bought light sabers playing joyously with them.

We made cinnamon ornaments for a fish craft for our aquarium class. This is inspired me and now we have a whole set on the tree.
Mix equal amounts cinnamon 
(cheap dollar store cinnamon is a great way to go with this--each regular sized bottle holds about a cup and makes a lot of ornaments!)
and applesauce
add a little glue 
and some glitter if you like
Then roll out dough flat, using extra cinnamon if still sticky.
Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes and then carefully transfer to a lightly greased cookie sheet.
Bake at 200 for a 1 1/2 hours-2 hours.
Enjoy the whiff of cinnamon as you pass your tree!

Needing a little Christmas cheer in the morning or at snack time? Shake some Christmas sprinkles on your Greek yogurt and add a soft brown sugar cookie.
Instant Christmas cheer.

And what of school these days?
I realized that doing school right up to the 21st was a little bit insane, seeing as how I still need to buy and/or wrap so many gifts as well as deliver gifts and make and deliver bread for neighborhood get the picture.
So we're focusing on Christmas this week.
Today was the history of Christmas trees. 
We started with a little bit of Christmas tree art--four Saxon math sheets cut up and scattered on a rough sketch of a Christmas tree. Each child picked up a question, answered it and then colored the bit of tree underneath that question. It worked well--the kids got a little math in and we have a pretty Christmas tree on our school table.
After that, we learned the history of the Christmas tree (briefly):
*Ancient peoples recognized the life and beauty of the evergreen during winter by cutting branches and  decorating their houses, often attributing magical powers to the evergreens.
* Evergreens were used in Roman celebration of Winter Solstice celebrations to honor the god Saturn.
* When Christmas was introduced, many Christian leaders adopted the Christmas tree as a Christian symbol of the season.
* Saint Boniface is credited with using an evergreen to help convert British peoples in the 700s.
* Martin Luther is credited with lighting up an evergreen tree with candles to show his family the beauties of the starts twinkling through the trees.
*Queen Caroline and her husband Prince Albert had their family picture painted in front of their Christmas tree. This picture was distributed in the newspaper during the 1820s and the Christmas tree quickly became in vogue.
*Though the Puritans protested celebrating Christmas with something so paganized as an evergreen tree, Christmas trees eventually caught on in the American household as well.
*The evergreen is a symbol of God's faithfulness to us even during the bleak times.
In our household, the Christmas tree is a way to celebrate Jesus well in this season.

We finished up our lesson on Christmas trees by singing O Christmas Tree
and hanging our cinnamon applesauce ornaments on our family room tree.
Have a very Merry Christmas-time!


  1. oh love this - thanks for sharing - pinned and tweeted sent to fb :) Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm visiting from the Natural Parents Network Wordless Wednesday linky, and I will definitely be trying my hadn at those cinnamon ornaments!! :)

  3. Those ornaments turned out to be really cute!

  4. I have a sweet tooth today and this post is encouraging it. :)

    Everything looks great!

  5. Those cone trees are adorable, and we've got to try the cinnamon ornaments sometime. Thanks for the history lesson, too — I learned something! :)

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  7. Did you put the glitter IN the dough for the cinnamon ornaments or ON the ornaments after cutting them? We're planning on making cinnamon ornaments and I love the addition of the glitter!

    1. I put the glitter right in the dough. I think it added a nice sparkle and the glitter doesn't fall off the ornaments after baking!