Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Recipes

Decorating, check
Buying presents, check. (only a few more to go)
Wrapping presents, check.
Cleaning, check (until tomorrow at least).
What's left? Ah, yes! The food!
This year I'll be looking back to last year's lists of ten for some great recipes:

10 Holiday Sides-- This list has some of my favorite casserole sides, my favorite roll recipe, and a few salads. Looking back at it, I'm thinking, have I really not made corn casserole since last Christmas!! I'll be making that one soon.

10 Savory Appetizers--Party food central! Old favorites like taco dip and potato skins are right here waiting for you along with a fancy bacon wrapped dates recipe and something I'm making soon, a Cheesy Ham Braid.

10 Christmas Cookie Recipes--I've saved the best for last. These work as festive family night entertainment, gifts for the neighbors, contributions for Christmas parties, and just plain yummy snacks. The Thin Mint Cookies are probably my favorite, but this post has the recipe for my breakfast cookies, which to be honest I can eat by the bagful.

2012 Christmas Menu--I focus on the crowd pleasers and individual requests, and usually everyone comes away happy! This menu has a ham braid (very impressive looking), baked vegetables and of course, a chocolate cake!

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  1. HOW ARE YOU SO ON TOP OF THINGS?!?!?!?! You must have some well-kept secret. :) Yay for you! Hope you are enjoying this wonderful season!