Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Sewing Party

Many months ago, the oldest asked for a sewing party. Of course I began to search pinterest for ideas. I was not disappointed. First of all we found our inspiration for our invitations from two places--these very cute cards to purchase and this blogger's great idea of gift and card in one. Both of their cards were neater than ours, but I was pleased with the way ours turned out. The inside says what kind of party the girls should expect and the when and wheres. 
I also include this statement on my kids' invitations now:
"Small or hand made gifts only please." 
For a while I asked people to bring money for a good cause, and there were a few parties where I specified "no gifts" but I have come to a happy middle between an overwhelming amount of gifts and no gifts at all--I love it when guests know they don't have to spend much (or any) money on the gift. Often you get a much more meaningful and treasured gift this way.
For food for the party we will have small sandwiches and these cute as a button cookies. I'll do a tray of crackers and cheese and some veggies and fruits. The party will be at a snack/early dinner time.  The oldest can help me make the food the day of her party. We'll have a sewing cake as well, which I need to order. 
I like this one the best of the ones I've seen online (it doesn't need to be very big) but I need to talk to my friend who decorates cakes and find out what she could do. A smaller, simplified version of this cake would do well.
And at a sewing party, of course we need to sew! We're going to make simple skirts before the party out of fleece (no need to hem) and the girls are going to embellish them with ribbon at the party. 
Our skirts will look something like this when we're finished with them.

A while back I bought some wool hats at Penney's a bit like this one. They were on sale for $1 a piece! They are plain, so we are going to make some stacked felt flowers like these.

And last, but not least, we're going to make these simple sewing kits, so the girls can take their enthusiasm with a needle home with them. 

So there you have our grand plans for the sewing party. The oldest will only turn nine once, right? We're going to have fun with it!


  1. that is going to be adorable. I'll be looking out for the photos. :-)

  2. This looks like so much fun! Great ideas, as usual and I love the blog's new look!

  3. Hi!

    I happen to have found your site searching for sewing supplies and saw your ADORABLE invite!! And to my surprise, I see you linked my invite as an inspiration. I was truly honored and very much appreciate the mention and link. LOVING the simple skirts you made :) What a great idea---happy new year!! Linnette