Friday, November 9, 2012

Give Thanks! Thanksgiving Verses

This season is the perfect motivator for me to talk to my kiddos more about being thankful.
I don't know about you guys, but I get a lot of ungratefulness around here every day. My kids are (very) unintentionally spoiled rotten.
 My own heart is bleak with ungratefulness too--the true war is there!
When my kids are handed a piece of candy for a treat and they groan and say,
"Aw! I wanted the other kind!"
I am working hard to respond delicately with,
"That is not a right response. Let's try it again, and you choose some better words."
Usually I see it in their face that they are ashamed of their behavior and they quickly reply with thanks.
Sometimes they need prompting,
"How about, 'thank you, mom, for the candy.'?"
But there is a spirit of gratefulness in a family that definitely begins with the parents. That too is something I want to work on. 
So this morning I am thankful for early rising children.
I am thankful for an early sun shining on multi-colored trees.
Thank you, God, for this beauty!
I am thankful for the the blue sky and the crisp, cold weather.
I am thankful for some time to do thankfulness art projects in our schooling.
Faithful God, thank you for time!
I am thankful for a walk with a friend.
I am thankful for time to go shopping for things like toilet paper.
I am thankful for friends spread around our town.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for friends.
I am thankful for our home and our neighborhood and my hubby's job.
I am thankful that my to do list includes things like:
**getting rid of unused toys.
**preparing for a class at an aquarium.
**making invitations for a sewing party for the oldest.
**getting ready for a ballet recital.
**buying a present for a shower for my friend's 2yo Ugandan child.
**making a meal for another friend who just gave birth to her third.
**deciding what movie we'll watch for family movie night.
**preparing for Christmas shopping.
**preparing for Christmas. : )

I am thankful.
I am so thankful.

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  1. Thankfulness *does* breed thankfulness, doesn't it?? I love that Thanksgiving gives us an extra excuse to find those little thankful gems throughout our days. :)