Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Decorating

My husband's grandparents have been married for 60 years. 
{I love that}
To celebrate them and their love, we brought that whole side of the family together at my in-laws' house.
My mother-in-law very wisely chose fall colors and fall decorations for the party. Living on acreage as they do, the trees were a perfect backdrop for the party--God put up his own wonderful decorations.
When my mother-in-law gave me the decorating duties, the first thing I noticed was that she had one strand of silk fall leaves left and a large empty wall.
So I went for a walk and it wasn't long before I spotted some lovely vines that with a little pulling and a little weaving made this large wreath.
(total cost: whatever my MIL paid for the strand of leaves)

At the front door, we just added to some existing pots of flowers--
branches of beautiful fall leaves (from their yard)
and pumpkins.

On the back patio we did much of the same: more leaves, more scarecrows and more pumpkins along with some mums.
 (total cost for front and back: About $16 for the pumpkins and dollar store scarecrows.)

For the outside tables, we went incredibly simple with a small branch and a small pumpkin.
Happy fall and happy decorating!


  1. Beautiful Autumn colours ! Love your arrangements ! Hope it was a great celebration ! Ali #48

  2. Everything looks lovely. The black and white pictures remind me of home (well, home when I was a kid). :)

  3. So beautiful! How fun that you got to be in charge of decor?! ;) I absolutely adore miniature pumpkins . . . very cute centerpiece. And I keep looking for some vines just like that for just such a purpose! :) Happy 60th to those two lovebirds! :)

  4. Pumpkins and some foliage never fail to put one in the Autumnal Mood! The decor was perfect :)

  5. What a lovely idea for a wreath! And just when we need a fall wreath — thank you.

  6. Beautiful! You are really good at this. Sadly, I have almost no trees at all where I live, but maybe I should go hiking and collect some branches!

  7. I love your decorations! They are perfect for a fall celebration!

    Happy 60th Anniversary to your husband's grandparents! I hope everyone had a wonderful time at the party!

  8. Pretty decorations, I love the Autumn in this country.

    Brenda 3